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  • Runner Bean Chutney Recipe image

    Runner Bean Chutney Recipe

    If your garden or allotment groans with a glut of runner beans this summer (lucky you!), use some of them to make this delicious, slightly spicy chutney.

  • Pan Bagnat Recipe image

    Pan Bagnat Recipe

    Pan Bagnat is an impressive-looking centrepiece for a lazy summer lunch, and makes a great picnic, too; you can slice and re-wrap it before you go, or take a breadboard and knife and slice it when you’re ready.

  • G&T Tart Recipe image

    G&T Tart Recipe

    Your favourite drink, Greendale Gin, in dessert form - because you deserve it!

  • Devon Elderflower Cordial Recipe image

    Devon Elderflower Cordial Recipe

    Truly the taste of summer, this cordial is delicious with still or sparkling water, and even better added to a glass of sparkling wine. The recipe makes about 800ml of cordial - you can store it in a sterilised glass screw-top wine or juice bottle (the hot cycle of a dishwasher should be fine for sterilising) and it will keep in the fridge for 2-3 weeks.

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